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Are you an Overland traveler and want to share your amazing experiences with an equally enthusiastic community?
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Our Goal

Unite Overland Travelers !

A platform for collaboration among Overland travelers, featuring detailed maps, rich multimedia content, and valuable information

At the heart of our project lies an ambitious goal: to create an interactive map serving as a meeting point for Overland adventurers worldwide.

It all stems from our passion for crowdmapping, a collaborative mapping process where a group of individuals contributes to the creation, updating, and enrichment of geographical maps through online collaboration.

Are you an Overland traveler ?

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Join us and start sharing your Overland adventures with the world. Together, we can turn every journey of yours into an unforgettable story !

Want to be an integral part of the Overland adventurers’ community? Tell us your story and publish it on our blog ! Share your experiences and adventures with other passionate travelers.

To ensure the quality and authenticity of the experiences shared on our platform, users will be carefully selected. We are committed to creating an authentic community where every member can feel part of something truly special.

Tell Us Your Story !

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Joining our community is easy and fun! Let us know who you are and share your ‘Social Coordinates’ with us. Once your profile is published on our blog, you’ll be able to connect with other travelers, share tips and suggestions, and be inspired by their travel stories.

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The collaborative platform

We have chosen uMap !

uMap is a FREE open-source tool that allows users to create custom and interactive maps

uMap is particularly useful for projects requiring collaborative map creation, such as displaying travel itineraries, mapping points of interest, or planning events.

Being open-source, uMap offers flexibility and customization options and is used by a variety of users, including non-profit organizations, local communities, and mapping enthusiasts.

Open Source and Customization

uMap is an open-source platform that offers a wide range of possibilities and customization. You can create unique maps that fully reflect your travel experiences and your favorite routes


With uMap, you’ll have complete control over your map. You can add markers, lines, and polygons to represent your itineraries and points of interest along the route

Integration with other services

uMap supports data import from KML, GeoJSON, and other formats, allowing easy integration of data from other sources or services you use to track your travels

Why participate ?

Get known by the Community

Participating in this project offers you the opportunity to explore new opportunities and gain visibility for your travel experiences.

Sharing your stories, photos, videos, and social media links allows you to gain recognition within the community and be appreciated for your unique adventures.

Moreover, the visibility you will gain can lead to new collaboration opportunities, connections with sponsors, or sharing your experiences with a wider audience.

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